Applied Research on English Language (Applied Research in English) is published by the English department at the University of Isfahan, Iran. The journal disseminates peer reviewed original research results in TEFL and Applied Linguistics, in open-access formats.

This journal will be published quarterly from 2017. all the received manuscripts, before sending for the reviewing process, will be checked by plagiarism software.

 NOTE: The journal is free of any charge for authors outside of Iran.


Dear authors

1- According to the laws of the University of Isfahan, the author of the article is required to be a faculty member of the universities or research institutes, unless all authors of the article have no academic affiliation. Therefore, the authors should have academic/organizational email.

2. In completing the online form, authors’ specifications should be provided precisely. According to the laws of the University of Isfahan, it is not possible at any stage to change the order of authors, their number and academic rank, authors’ specifications, and the corresponding author (graduate students should already ensure their university rules).

3. The order of the authors in articles extracted from a PhD thesis by PhD candidates should be as follows:

a)      The name of the student,

b)      Supervisor (corresponding author),

c)      Advisor.





Current Issue: Volume 9, Issue 3, July 2020 

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